Everyone wants to come up with the next big idea, the next big thing that could make them a millionaire. Sometimes the idea doesn’t have to be some huge concept that spurs a giant company. There is such a thing as supply and demand, and simple ideas can have huge payoffs. If you know your market, understand where the niche markets are, and know how to think outside the box, making millions can be nothing but fun and common sense. Below are five websites with simple ideas and huge ramifications.


1 - TheHairTrader.com

Lots of people of heard of Locks of Love, where you donate your hair to people who need it. Well, apparently there are people out there that are willing to pay incredibly good money for your long healthy locks. The general range is $250-$2500, no that is no typo. There are multiple factors that attribute to the asking price like length, thickness, and whether or not it has been dyed before. The record on the site at the time of this article was $3600 for 27 inches of undyed virgin hair.


2 - VirtualJury.com

Attorneys have a difficult job, getting up in front of a courtroom full of people and fighting for the rights of a fellow citizen. That is a lot of pressure. VirtualJury.com is a platform for attorneys to practice before the real deal. It gives them the opportunity to present their case to “jurors”, who will give them honest feedback on their perception of the case and the evidence. These “jurors” are monetarily rewarded for their assistance.


3 - Icanhascheezburger.com



This is one of those sites that was created for pure entertainment purposes in mind. You know those really funny animal pictures with those hysterical captions? This site creates those photos. Eric Nakagawa and Kari Unebasami created the site and are now getting more than 35 million views a month.


4 - The Million Dollar Homepage

A very smart and creative young man, named Alex Tew, came up with the simplest and most creative idea. He sold each of the 1 million pixels on his personal homepage for $1. He made and million dollars and maintains advertising for the least amount of work possible.


5 - Fitdeck.com

This site sells decks of cards with different exercises on them. The cards in these decks have all different exercises and stipulations for a fun and varied workout everyday. They have specialty decks created for things like seniors, prenatal, and teen exercises. The idea behind the concept is to keep your body guessing because it is one of the best ways to maintain good fitness practices.


It is amazing what a little bit of hard work and creativity can do. These are simple ideas with huge outcome.

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