Go Green! Three of the Best Jordanian Renewable Energy Companies

Recently, the renewable energy sector has developed significantly worldwide. One of the reasons that led to this major development is that the use of renewable energy sources helps in minimizing climate change.

The consequences of climate change are significant, and the evidence for its existence is its impacts on the enviorment. Sparking natural disasters such as wildfires in many regions around the world, melting ice-caps, ocean acidification and rising sea levels, in addition to the increase in temperature on the Earth's surface. In fact, many people link climate change to the recent cluster of hurricanes Irma, Jose and Katia. Climate change also plays a role the negative change in the ecosystem, which can lead to the spread of infectious diseases and global warming. Thus, the need to develop renewable energy solutions arise.


On a domestic level, the energy sector in Jordan is facing intractable challenges especially with the tangible rise in the cost of electricity and oil. According to ESCB-Jordan USAID, Jordan imports almost 96% of its energy from external resources and outside countries.


Jordan can benefit from renewable energy sources to develop its economy, especially since the process of generating power in Jordan is scarse. Thus, Jordan needs to decrease its reliance on oil and natural gas as power resources by increasing its renewable electricity production. At the present time, many sustainable companies contribute to the promotion of green energy sources in Jordan. This provides us with an optimistic vision for the future of our country.

Here are three of the best renewable energy companies in Jordan that encourage a greener and cleaner Jordan:


Hanania Energy


In 1973, the oldest solar system manufacturer in Jordan was established. The pioneer of HANANIA Energy has 44 years of experience in green energy. This companie's systems help reduce dependence on imported oil and gas especially when energy cost increases. They alsoo work on improving their products and offering customers unsurpassed value.


Kawar Energy

Kawar Energy Logo-0١.jpg

In order to help Jordan and the region reduce energy prices and carbon dioxide, Kawar Energy seeks to create sustainable energy solutions. Their goals include keeping Jordan clean and green, in addition to maintaining a positive environmental impacts and have a less polluted atmosphere. One of Kawar Energy projects is Shams Ma'an that was started in 2008.




PanMed Energy understands Jordan's urgent domestic needs. Thus they assist in eliminating energy poverty by creating renewable energy solutions. PanMed was established in 2011, it utilizes its financial and technical resources to develop renewable energy plants in the area. They aim to use the best practices to make create viable energy sources in Jordan with standards of excellence.

By: Shereen Nidal Nanish


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