We are all familiar with Forbes’ richest people in the world: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, etc., but Forbes doesn’t always have it right. In order to be included on the Forbes’ richest people list, full disclosure and legality are required, therefore many people get left off the list due to the corrupt way they obtained their wealth or due to secrecy. Take a look at the real richest people in the world who make Bill Gates’ 80 Billion dollars look like pocket change.


Kim Jong Un

170 Billion Dollars


Although North Korea is known as a poor country, it’s leader most certainly isn’t. At an estimated Net worth of 170 billion dollars, Kim Jong Un is one of the richest people alive! He spends most of his money on movies, cheese, and designer cigarettes. The North Korean leader can’t be found on any rich lists, however, because he attained most of his wealth through political corruption and black market trading.


The Rothschild Family

2 Trillion Dollars


The Rothschild family, the second richest family in the world, consists of many members who are leagues richer than Bill Gates. Known for their extreme political influence and the secrecy that they live by, there are plenty of conspiracy theories attached to this family. Some believe them to be the head of the infamous illuminati and the reason behind several governmental tragedies, including the death of President J.F. Kennedy.


Muammar Gaddafi

180 Billion


Before his death, Muammar Gadafi was embezzling money from the government, investing it internationally, and becoming rich! His family still live off this money. Even in death, however, he continues to baffle law enforcement, as millions from his fortune are still missing.


The House of Saud

2.4 Trillion Dollars


Although, Saudi Arabia is known as a rich country, no one really knows how rich the royal family is.Their lavish lifestyles are portrayed through the buying of lands, houses, and cars in bulk. The Saud family are extremely secretive about their net worth, however they are estimated to be worth over 2.4 trillion dollars in total, making them the richest family in the world.


Bashar Al Assad

122 Billion


Another billionaire dictator not found on any rich list, is Bashar Assad. Although he claims his net worth is under 2 billion, many believe he hides his money in Panama Banks and his estimated worth is 122 billion!


Pablo Escobar

155 Billion


During his peak, Pablo Escobar, the leader of one of the biggest cartels, was worth 155 billion dollars. Escobar was lived an extremely lavish lifestyle, decorated with expensive cars, homes, and jewelry. It is rumored that at one point, his daughter was cold and he burned 2 million dollars in cash to keep her warm.


Hosni Mubarak

70 Billion


After years of embezzling money from the egyptian government, Hosni Mubarak accumulated a great fortune. In fact, unconfirmed sources claim that he is actually worth 700 billion dollars! Since he has been overthrown, for his embezzlements and other corrupt crimes,  he still lives off this fortune.


Ali Abdullah Saleh

126 Billion


President of Yemen for 30 years, many believed that Ali Abdullah Saleh was manipulating the elections in order to take money from the government. He famously spent his money on a lavish lifestyle and women, who he paid to spend time with him.


Vladimir Putin

200 Billion


Vladimir Putin is currently the richest man alive! Although he does not make an appearance on Forbes’ rich list, he does pop up on the most powerful people list! With money comes power, they say! Although, he claims he only has 2 billion, it has been leaked that he has far more than that, which he spends of on watch collections, yachts, and lands.


Mansa Musa

400 Trillion


Mansa Musa is the richest man of all time! Although he has been long dead, no one has been able to reach his level of wealth. As the sultan of an African dynasty, he was treated better than a king and owned all of west africa and its resources, making him incredibly wealthy.  

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