An essential part of any business is the software it runs on. However choosing what software to use can be daunting due to the thousands of easily accessible applications for both desktops and mobiles. Choosing the best can be intimidating and avoiding the task is not possible if you want to build and operate a successful business. Your business is a 24/7 machine that needs to be treated as such and therefore requires software maintenance.


Fortunately, we’ve comprised a list of key business applications that are guaranteed to help your businesses skyrocket.


Accounting and Expenses


  1. NetSuite OneWorld


NetSuite OneWorld is essentially a completely scalable enterprise resource planning system (ERP). Available on mobile devices, this app allows you to manage reports, purchase orders, as well as create and fill business dashboards and security records. As the go-to application for a lot of business, this application allows you to manage all aspects of your business even when you are away from your computer.


2. Acumatica


More of a web-service, this expense report software is the leading application in processing scanned data. It can be access from both desktops and mobile devices and saves you and your employees time from inputting and processing large amounts of data and expenses. It is so accurate because it fully utilizes OCR SmartScan.


Collaboration and Communication


3. SurveyMonkey


Businesses need feedback from both its clients and employees. With this online survey tool, you can create, participate, and analyse surveys tailored specifically for your business.


4. ClickMeeting



Doing video conferences is quite easy in 2017, especially with applications and softwares like FaceBook and Skype. ClickMeeting however provides enhanced functionality when it comes to streaming video and audio, sharing your screen, and recording important meetings - and all that can be done from your smartphone.


Analytics and Data Management


5. Salesforce Sales Cloud Professional



Salesforce offers the best comprehensive and flexible CRM software out there. It is connected with their cloud that makes it easy and convenient to use from both desktops and mobile devices. Most of your competitors most likely already use this CRM software so don't fall behind!


6. HootSuite



This application, available for iOS and Android, offers a complete package of social media management and analytics tools. You can now easily conduct comprehensive monitoring as well as manage your publishing tools and options for all different social media platforms.


Human resources



Managing a business’ human resource network has proven to be hard a time-consuming task. If you cannot afford to hire someone to do this job fulltime, you can use BambooHR which lets you track applications, administration tasks, and helps you make performance reviews with ease. This HR software and management system offers all these features and more to help you kickstart your business.


8. Fairsail HRMS


Fairsail HRMS is a neat tool that is best for companies with multinational operations. It is highly configurable and offers a bunch of features such as applicant tracking. It strength however is in the many add-ons as well as the integrated third-party payroll that would provide your business flexibility and efficiency. All this and more is available to you directly from your mobile device.

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