Business startups across the globe have been described as the driving force of any economy. This case is not particularly different in Jordan, as small business startups have been changing the way people do business. This can be attributed to the innovation and creativity of daring Individuals who leveraged the technological advancements that have made the world a global village.

Below are 10 of the most successful business startups in Jordan that everyone seems to be talking about.

  1. ArabiaWeather
    King Hussain Business Park – Amman

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The first on the list is the weather products and services provider, ArabiaWeather. The brand has become a household name in the Middle East. It provides weather solutions to its customers that include businesses and individuals spread across the region in different industries of the economy including airline, agriculture, oil and gas, insurance, and retail amongst others.

2. Jamalon
Jabal Alweibdeh – Amman


Jamalon is a leading online bookstore in the Middle East and has been described as the largest in the region. Jamalon offers more than 9 million texts in English and Arabic languages. Like other business startups on the list, Jamalon leverages technology to reach its target audience, offering home delivery service to its customers.


3. CashU
King Hussain Business Park – Amman



CashU is one of the biggest payment service providers in the Middle East. It offers a safe payment method to online shoppers by creating a platform that allows you to make safe and secure payments. The platform gives you the opportunity to make online purchases regardless of your nationality, banking contacts or income. CashU is available to all Arabic speaking and surrounding countries.

4. Abjjad
King Hussain Business Park – Amman


Abjjad is a social networking platform for Arab readers and authors. The platform allows them to share ideas, opinions, and recommendations. As a user of the platform, you can also post quotes and writing, share your review about particular book and engage in books community of your own preferences.


5. Arabia Weddings
King Hussain Business Park – Amman



Arabia Weddings is a one-stop shop for all wedding needs. It has rich content available in Arabic and English, with online resources to help wedding planners, brides and grooms-to-be have a memorable day.


6. Hashdoc
Sweifieh - Amman

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Hashdoc is an online social library containing professional documents. The platform provides such resources like cheat sheets, templates, presentations and others to enhance workers’ productivity at work.


7. Aqar-Estate
King Hussain Business Park – Amman


Aqar-Estate is a real estate site. Aqar-Estate serves as a platform where buyers and sellers of real estate can meet and do business. It makes this by displaying real estate offers and investment opportunities in the Middle East.

8. Top Steering
Amman – Jordan


Top Steering is an online retail store that deals in car accessories and parts. Top Steering allows you to shop your favorite car accessories and parts from the comfort of your home. The business also offers home delivery of its wares.


9. Reserveout
Amman – Jordan


Reserveout is an online platform that allows users to search, view, and book top restaurants in the Middle East. Restaurants can be found using their location or cuisines they serve.


10. Vardot
Sweifieh - Amman


Vardot is a digital marketing and web solutions service provider for businesses and organizations looking to build a strong online presence. Vardot is based in Jordan with offices in Qatar and the United States of America. Particularly, Drupal web solutions is one of the primary services Vardot offers to its customers from international organizations and enterprises to help them renovate their websites to meet the accelerating needs of the ever-changing digital world.

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