Irrespective whether you love your job or not, don’t you agree that at some point we all have been haunted by stress at office.

For some it’s momentary, but for others it is chronic, which can hamper their professional as well as personal lives. The major reason for stress at work place is the ever rising competition, heap of work and never ending race to meet deadlines.

This accelerating growth rate of stress need to be deaccelerated as soon as possible as it is spreading like plague and adversely affecting the physical, mental, and emotional capabilities of employees and that is a not so good indication for our tech advanced society.

Understanding the hazardous and precarious effects of stress various psychologists and scientists based on their qualitative research have offered few efficacious measures to curb the growth of stress which are as following:

  • Build healthy relationship with your colleagues

Colleagues  tend to be the “Life Jackets” in an exhausting and stressful office atmosphere. Which is why it is very crucial to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with your co-workers. They not only help you do your work, but can also act as a stress buster.  


  • Meditate and exercise daily

In various recent researches, it has been found that meditation, yoga, and other exercises play a prominent role in improving the physical, as well as mental health, of employees. Meditation increases the level of concentration and helps the person in controlling their stress level and negative thinking.


  • Make criticism your fuel

It is often found, that employees get demotivated when experiencing the rejection of a project or presentation, but shouldn’t be the case. Try to embrace criticism and convert it into fuel which motivates you to do better. Welcome your criticisms warm heartedly, find loopholes in your work, learn from your mistakes, and then give your best shot to attain the desired outcome.


  • Surround yourself with positivity

We all know that world is full of two types of people,  optimists and pessimists. It is of no surprise that we learn and acquire the traits from our surroundings. An optimistic approach at the workplace will make you the apple of everyone’s eye and will also grant you success which is why it is important to surround yourself with positive people.


  • Relax and have sound sleep

A powerful nap and sound sleep is a major stress buster. Despite of all the previously mentioned measures, you should not overlook the importance of healthy food and sound sleep. Do not compromise your sleep at any cost.

Following all the above measure will let you and your near one notice a phenomenal change in your personality which will not only reduce your stress level, but will also enhance your professional skills. Remember if you will always carry a bundle of nerves you won’t be able to accomplish your goals so just relax and be stress free.

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