Do you feel that your normal job doesn’t suit you? Do you think that you have great potentials and energy? Do you have innovative ideas that you believe in them? Do you think that you can be a great entrepreneur?


Here are seven genuine signs and qualities that can tell you whether you are destined to be an entrepreneur or not:

Ready to Dive in


An entrepreneur is an intrepid person who is ready to do the impossible in order to apply an idea that he\she believes in deeply. That's always what drives the entrepreneur's passion. Thus, an entrepreneur is a risk-taker and he\she ignites enthusiasm in people around him\her.


Competitive Personality


Entrepreneurs have a spirit of competition as they believe that honest competition brings out the best in people. On the other hand, entrepreneurs do not tend to be aggressive competitors. They perceive competition as an opportunity for improvement and development.


Hard, Smart-worker


It's not enough for an entrepreneur to work hard, but he\she must also work smart! Entrepreneurs strive to achieve their goals, however, they seek to find the smartest ways to win it all. As Abraham Lincoln said: "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe".


Think Outside of the Box



Creativity is one of the essential factors that lead to progress, especially in this era of innovation. Entrepreneurs do not follow the crowd but think outside of the box and seize the opportunities along the way. Moreover, entrepreneurs always try to find new ideas rather than being satisfied with the ordinary ones.


Life-long Learner


Naturally, successful people believe that learning is a lifetime process. Entrepreneurs do not accept the idea that they "know it all". They believe that vanity can prevent people from seeing the truth and continuing to learn and grow with time.


Plan Ahead, Yet Great Improvisers


Good planning leads to success. Therefore, entrepreneurs are always planning their next step in the short and long term. However, that does not mean that they are rigorous and strict to their plans. Entrepreneurs are flexible and able to change plans in order to adapt to changes.


Enjoy Challenges


Entrepreneurs are motivated by challenges and believe that they make life that's worth living! Challenges give a distinctive flavor to the whole success journey of the entrepreneur. They represent obstacles that the entrepreneur can learn a lot from. So, whenever they face a challenge, they see it as a potential lesson and an opportunity to boost their confidence.


These are the seven unique characteristics a person might have and that indicate -by nature- the presence of an entrepreneur inside him\her. So, if you think that you have all of the above qualities, wait no longer! Unleash the entrepreneur inside you and start planning ahead, taking serious steps towards your dream and focusing on exploit your strengths points.


By: Shereen Nidal Nanish

All Rights Reserved - Living Well 2017