Most of our focus and time is spent on our jobs. A job can either make you feel happy or miserable. Some people love their jobs while people hate their jobs, but both of them look forward to weekends as come on, who likes to work every day throughout the year without any holidays?



But there are a few other signs that might indicate you hate your job. If any of these signs strike your mind, then it might be the right time for you to switch to a new job.


Here are 5 Signs you are at a job you hate:

Change in Persona

Do you find yourself feeling more depressed and negative now? Are you anxious about a lot of things around you? If the answer is yes, then your job may have caused an adverse change in your personality and that might be because you hate your job!



Personality changes often occur when a person takes up a job, but there are two sides to a changed personality: positive and negative.


You Live for the Weekends


Everyone likes weekends to blow off their tiredness and go out to have some fun, but if you fantasize about weekends ever since the first day until Thursday and Friday then it means that your job makes you really unhappy.



On Sunday night, you might be feeling really uninspired and worried. Getting up to work on Monday is something that almost everyone dislikes, but if you hate it from the bottom of your heart, then a job switch would be ideal.


Poor Work-Life Balance

Even if you get paid right but are living a poor quality of life, then it might indicate that you are not enjoying your job at all and just trying to get by every day of your work. You have lost all social interest and are not spending any quality time with your family or friends.



It is crucial to maintain a right work-life balance, but if you hate your job, then it is not very likely to happen.


You Feel Unmotivated

If you don’t like your job, then it is very likely that you think nothing challenging or exciting during most of your days. You may feel as if your brain cells are dying and you have no will to do anything and are just trying to get through the day somehow. This is not a very good sign and considering this; you should take up a job you actually like.



You Constantly Worry About Work


If you don’t like your job, then even the smallest task seems like a huge deal. If you often find yourself procrastinating everything or submitting everything to the last minute or not meeting deadlines, then your job is suffocating you, and you don’t really feel the energy or the vibes to get anything done.


A stable job is essential, but it is equally important to do something that you like even if you get paid a little less. There is no shame in starting from the bottom because, in the end, it will all lead to joy and fulfillment.

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